About Us

About Us

Meet The Martin Paving Management Team



Jacky Martin

Co-Owner & Co-Founder

President, CFO, CEO, COO

Jacky Martin with her husband Randy created Martin Paving in 1979. Jacky has been instrumental in all operations of the business from estimating, purchasing equipment, job supervision, employee management and supervision of the officers.


Randy Martin, Sr.

Co-Owner & Co-Founder

Secretary, Treasurer, VP

Randy grew up in the site development business and started working in the industry when he was still very young. He watched and studied until he was old enough to eventually learn every aspect of the business.

Today, Randy knows absolutely everything there is to know about excavation, paving, and site development, from estimating projects of every size and operating/maintaining the heavy equipment, to understanding the local terrain challenges in every project. He accomplished all this while successfully balancing the demands of running the business and raising a growing family in Polk County, FL.


Randy Martin, Jr.

Vice President of Estimating

Randy Jr. grew up in the family business. As young as 10 years old, Randy Jr. worked during the summers at Martin Paving, running errands and doing simple work on job sites. He began his career in the business as a laborer and equipment operator, learning even more about Polk County site excavation and development. He eventually worked and earned his way up to project foreman. Today, he works full-time as the Lead Project Estimator.