Hotels, Motels & Restaurants

Hotel, motel, and restaurant parking lots are heavily traveled, highly congested areas. Understanding and planning for this kind of automobile and pedestrian traffic is critical to paving, then maintaining a clear and safe area for your patrons. Our experienced staff has helped many local hotels and restaurants over the last three decades, delivering attractive, yet functional, cost-effective and long-lasting results that maximize traffic flow and save money.

La Qunita Inn Bush Blvd.

LQ Management LLC

Tampa, Florida

This project with its aggressive time table was perfectly suited for the Martin Paving team and our track record for on time completion. For La Quinta we handled site clearing excavation, paving, curbing, striping, signage,...

McDonalds 6th St.

McDonald's Corporation

Winter Haven, Florida

This particular location located represented a challenge for the Martin Paving team due to its extremely high volume and unique grading requirements. The project needed to be completed as quickly as possible with minimal service...

McDonalds – Dundee, FL

McDonald's Corporation

Dundee, Florida

We happily obliged and completed this project on time, approximately one year later Martin Paving returned to expand the parking lot due to the overwhelming business for this location. For this McDonalds location Martin Paving...

Taco Bell – Lake Wales, FL

Lake Wales, Florida

A parking lot and drive through that's outside the bun. True to form Martin Paving got the fast food restaurant chain's site development done fast, and right with our meticulous attention to detail. For Taco...

Ruby Tuesday – Legoland

Ruby Tuesday

Winter Haven, Florida

Due to the high traffic flow of this popular central Florida destination, we took great care in the site work to ensure that the location could stand up to the wear and tear of the...

Outback Cypress Gardens Boulevard

OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC

Winter Haven, Florida

The Winter Haven, FL location was located on a major city thoroughfare with a close proximity to then Cypress Gardens (Legoland of Florida today). Martin Paving handled excavation and paving, curbing, striping and underground utilities....

Carrabbas Winter Haven

Venture Construction

Winter Haven, Florida

This included clearing and excavation, underground utilities installation, paving, striping, and curbing. We also handled sod installation at the projects completion. Upon completion OSI restaurant corporation had a fully functional parking lot and working utilities...