Schools & Universities

While educational institutions are always facing budget crunches, they must still have in place a system to keep all the facilities safe and well-maintained on an on-going basis. Certainly, the surrounding parking lots are no exception. Our decades of experience make us the local “go to” paving experts for schools and universities in the central Florida area.

Polk State College

Rodda Construction

Bartow, Florida

Martin Paving worked with Rodda again on another project this time for Polk State College. We built the building pad, installed base, stabilize, limerock, asphalt, underground utilities (water, sewer, storm & fire line) and curbing....

Auburndale High School

Rodda Construction

Auburndale, Florida

Martin Paving is helped Rodda and Polk County School Board expand the Auburndale High School by adding a new bus loop and storm/underground utilities.

Mulberry Middle School

Rodda Construction

Mulberry, Florida

Martin Paving is helping Roadda and Polk Country School Board rebuild Mulberry Middle School phase I & II by installing water, sewer, fire mains, storm piping, retention ponds, building pads, new parking area, with new...

Florida Polytechnic University

Florida Polytechnic University

Polk City, Florida

Martin Paving was particularly proud to be involved in laying the groundwork for Florida's newest university, Florida Polytechnic, in Lakeland, FL. We performed all the necessary clearing and de-watering activities for the sprawling new campus,...

Longfellow Boulevard Renovation

Southeastern University

Lakeland, Florida

The 1/4 mile stretch of renovated road is now one of the university's most recognizable and vibrant architectural elements. Martin Paving cleared the area, then paved and striped a large parking lot as well as...