Traffic Control

Traffic control employs temporary traffic control devices, flaggers, and other safety devices to guide traffic when normal conditions are altered by maintenance work or an incident.  Martin Paving has experience in all aspects of traffic control including lane closures, temporary tape installation, pavement marker installation, line painting and flagging.  As needed we utilize cones, signs, barrels and barricades, message boards to ensure safety and smooth traffic flow.

Bridgeport Lakes

T. Mims Corp

Mulberry, Florida

Martin Paving has broke ground on a new subdivision in Mulberry for T. Mims Corp.  The subdivision will house several homes on this beautiful multi-acre property.  Martin Paving is doing the clearing, excavation, grading, paving, sidewalk, curb,...

Okahumpka Travel Plaza

Gomez Construction

Wildwood, Florida

We are very proud to say that we have completed our first project with Gomez Construction.  Martin Paving did the following services:  demolition, excavation, sub-base, base, asphalt, concrete, curbing, water, sewer, storm, and striping.  

Wal-Mart, Boggy Creek Road

Hawkins Construction Inc

Kissimmee, Florida

We worked with Hawkins Construction on a new Wal-Mart off of Boggy Creek Road.  We completed the excavation, embankment, grading, paving, storm, sewer, water and force main.  This job is now completed!        ...

Mulberry Middle School

Rodda Construction

Mulberry, Florida

Martin Paving is helping Roadda and Polk Country School Board rebuild Mulberry Middle School phase I & II by installing water, sewer, fire mains, storm piping, retention ponds, building pads, new parking area, with new...

St. Matthews Catholic Church

St. Matthews Catholic Church

Winter Haven, Florida

This large Catholic church located on Overlook Dr. in Winter Haven, FL required the Martin Paving know how and attention to detail that we give all of our projects. For St. Matthews, we took care...

Christ Community Church Winter Haven

Christ Community Church

Winter Haven, Florida

This large community church in Winter Haven, FL presented a unique paving and site development job. Martin Paving handled complete site development for the Church including: site clearing, excavation, de-watering and underground utilities. The churches...

Winter Haven Worship Center

Winter Haven Worship Center

Winter Haven, Florida

This large community church located in Winter Haven Florida was a full site development project by Martin Paving. Services included land clearing, excavation, underground utilities and de-watering. As well as paving, marking, striping, sidewalks and...

Highland Meadows

Highland Cassidy Group

Davenport, Florida

Martin Paving handled the site clearing, and excavation activities, as well as the underground utilities installation including de-watering. We also placed sod, seed, and mulch, and built the sidewalks and private roads throughout the community.

Cypress Pointe

Four Square Builders

Davenport, Florida

Martin Paving did the entire site clearing work, excavation, and underground utilities installation including de-watering. Our team was also responsible for laying all the sod, seeding, and mulching, and creating all the sidewalks in the...

La Qunita Inn Bush Blvd.

LQ Management LLC

Tampa, Florida

This project with its aggressive time table was perfectly suited for the Martin Paving team and our track record for on time completion. For La Quinta we handled site clearing excavation, paving, curbing, striping, signage,...